Custom Randonneur Bikes

Like a lot of framebuilders, I got my start dreaming about classic randonneur bikes. As a result of the incredible distances involved in the sport, randonneur bikes are designed to handle almost any challenge that might arise, all while keeping you comfortable and happy. Whereas a touring bike can do much of this, their excessive weight and stiffness make them less appropriate for spirited riding. A custom Taggart randonneur frame, on the other hand, is finely tuned to match your body, built to handle like a high-end road bike, and designed around wide tires, a front load, dynamo lights, and fenders. Whether you’re training for a super endurance event like Paris-Brest-Paris, or just looking for that one bike that can handle anything, a fully-featured randonneur bike will get you where you’re going in comfort and style.

Design Details

  • Front and rear rack mounts

  • Internal dynamo routing

  • Fender bosses (including seat tube)

  • 68mm BSA bottom bracket

  • 6º bend chainstays (no dimple)

  • Your choice of guides and stops

  • Fully fillet brazed or lug/fillet mix

  • 650B x 42-47mm or 26” x 2.3” tires

  • Low trail geometry

  • Lightweight steel tubing (747 or 858)

  • Centerpull rim or disk brakes

  • Three sets of bottle bosses

  • Single color powdercoat

Pricing and Upgrades

Base price for frame and fork: $2200