Custom Racks

Why carry your stuff on your back when your bike could be shouldering the load? A rack can really change what you're able to do on your bike, and if chosen correctly, without changing the way your bike rides and feels. A custom rack is even better because it doesn't have to be adjustable, so it's lighter, less likely to rattle loose, and more aesthetically pleasing. It can have special features like fender mounts, light mounts, and even integrated dynamo wire routing. Plus, it can be color matched to your frame.

Long distance tourists and commuters alike know that steel is the material of choice for a durable, lightweight, rack that will last for years and years; and, when it does wear it is easily repaired. My racks are made from fillet brazed aircraft 4130 chromoly steel. Custom racks can be made for new custom frames, or for a bike you already own (without damaging your paint).

The pricing list below is a work in progress. If you don't see the type of rack you're looking for, shoot me an email and I can come up with a price. Prices include powder coat paint. Chrome adds an additional $200. Also be sure to check out my semi-custom rack options in the drop down menu. These are a great option available at a slightly lower price point.


Handlebar Bag Rack: $400
Decaleur: $250
Porteur Rack: $450
Basket Support Rack: $450
Front Lowrider Racks (pair): $500
Saddle Bag Rack: $400
Rear Pannier Rack: $500
Fork Anything Cage (individual): $150

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