Every Day A Lesson

"Time was a friend of mine
Back when I was young
And summer was forever
Time, good was your first name
Every day a lesson
With something new to learn"

From Paul Williams' aptly named "Time" off Someday Man. Paul Williams is fucking amazing. I think I've listened to this album at least once a week, if not more, for the past six months. So many people seem to be consistently down these days, without hope. I'm no different. When I can't find the sunshine, I turn on Paul for a little pick me up.

The Muppets are good for a pick me up too. Did you know that Paul Williams wrote the music for the original Muppet Movie? Speaking of things that are green, this green bike is still here.


For god's sake will somebody come buy this? 57cm seat tube (c-c) 55cm horizontal top tube. Good for somebody like 5'11"ish, low trail, fairly upright. Easy rando, light tour, commuter even. 650 x 48. Most certainly better than that Crust you've been eyeballing, and probably cheaper if you're nice about it. And you get the feeling of moral righteousness that you get from supporting a small builder.

Starting a small business is difficult because wind up making a whole bunch of prototypes without any guarantee that anybody's going to be into it. I made a bunch of decaleurs for instance:


These are all just prototypes. The stem mounted decaleur is kind of the white whale of the constructeur set. So I tried my hand at it. The trick is to get that retention system right. To me, the most important thing is that it needs to be sturdy. Little pins fail in this regard. On the other hand velcro is usually cumbersome to remove and annoying when the bag isn't attached. My notion was that bungees are easy to attach and detach (I can do it with my NRS kayaking mittens on), easily field or hardware store repairable, light, and fairly unobtrusive off the bike. At some point, I want to do a "run" of universal threadless stem mount decaleurs. Someday...

I also made this cool bike, which I'll talk about more after it gets painted. It's my size, but I really shouldn't keep it... 26 x 2.3 low trail, disc (disk?).


That Pacenti MTB crown is a winner. That one on the left there is for another "stock" bike. I've got two frames in the cue right now, meaning I have availability around June. That means there's still time to get a custom frame for this riding season.