My Latest Build


In my mind tire size is kind of the first thing you think about when designing a frame. Assuming it's not a for-serious mountain bike, there's kind of three options in my book: 650B x 42mm, 650B x 47mm, and 26" x 2.3". Why those sizes? I feel that anything smaller than a 42mm doesn't offer enough suspension, and anything larger than a 2.3" is hard to fit into a road frame. 47mm is right in the middle. Nimbler than a 2.3" , squishier than a 42mm. Simple as that. So I made three bikes with similar geometry, one in each size. This is the 650B x 47mm.


I imagined this as an opportunity to make a super chill rando bike. Sure, it's still completely capable as a bike you'd take on your fast 300k, but I guess I picture this as the easy going cousin to that bike. Easy going in the sense that you're going to want to say "fuck getting to the control on time" and take a detour down that fun looking gravel road. So I did a build that doesn't take itself too seriously. Also I'm broke (read: five days in San Francisco) and so I scavenged a lot of the components from other bikes I had lying around. Dig the rear derailleur. It's so hard to find a good long cage derailleur that doesn't look awful these days. This one I like.


And the shifters. I got Anal Retentive Chef on these puppies after I started trying to buff out a small scratch. Three hours later I had two really really shiny shifters. I also started polishing the kickstand but then I stopped because that's stupid. I mean I'll do it if you give me money, but nobody was giving me money to polish this Greenfield kickstand. So it's only kind of shiny.


I'm into these Soma Rain Dog fenders. Yes, not very constructeur of me. But I think there's something to be said for quick installs and ease of replacement. If you crash, your fenders are going to take the brunt of it. Not being as concerned about ruining your expensive Honjos might help you relax a bit on those sections of loose gravel. And they don't look half bad.


I'm actually hoping to sell this one at a pretty significant discount. 57cm seat tube (c-c), 55cm level top tube, 435mm chainstay, 73º head and seat tubes, low trail. Internal dynamo ports, rack mounts, etc... $1100 frame and fork. Email me if you're interested, we can even do a test ride if you're serious. Shipped in the USA if you pay shipping.