Ride Report: How long? How long have you been away?


Tatsuro Yamashita - Rainy Walk

Yesterday we threw our first longer ride, and I'm pleased to say it was a lot of fun. With the exception of a few bailouts before we got out of town, our whole gang finished together. We had a great variety of bikes, from skinny tire road bikes to dropper post equipped bikepacking bike. There was also a great variety of riders. For some this was one of the hardest rides they had ever taken on, and for others this was training for upcoming tours. One rider was even gearing up for the Steens Mazama 1000.


The day started off sunny, but as we rode east a great dark cloud hung over the horizon. This quickly gave way to pouring rain. Luckily it was fairly warm out. The rapid changes in weather made for some spectacular clouds and deep blue skies beyond them.


So I had initially posted the wrong route file on my advertisements for this ride. I had claimed it was going to be 61 miles and 4000 feet, when in actuality it was 78 miles and 6000 feet. Oopsie. Lucky for me everybody was really nice about it and we got through it without issue. I find that the climbs are a good time to make new friends. You're all going slow enough that you can chat without having to yell, and the talking helps keep your mind off of the effort.


As we descend into the furnace of summer, I will remember this final cool and cloudy day fondly.