The "Basketpacker" Rack

The appeal of a basket bike is its simplicity and universality. You don’t have to bring a special bag: simply throw your stuff in and go. Baskets are strong, secure, convenient, and can actually be lighter than a typical handlebar bag setup. The basketpacker is my vision of a perfect basket rack. Admittedly, you could get a production rack with 75% of the functionality that this one has; but, mine’s significantly lighter, available in any color you want, made in the USA, and not that much more expensive.

Design Details

  • Fender boss

  • Single color powdercoat

  • Available with fixed or adjustable legs

  • Internal dynamo routing and light mount

  • Simple zip-tie basket connection

  • Bracing optimized for Wald 137 basket

Pricing and Upgrades

Fixed leg rack: $400
Adjustable leg rack: $425
Color matched Wald 137 basket: $50